Women entrepreneurs and financial independence

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Why women entrepreneurs? Women are three times as likely as men to say that they can’t afford to save for retirement. They have significantly lower rates of financial literacy. Women also make up the majority of caregivers and are three times more likely than men to quit their jobs to care for a family member.

Generally speaking, women earn less, save less, and live longer. But are still responsible for the same living expenses men pay. And since they live longer, they face additional costs, including  more long-term health care expenses. Overcoming these obstacles demands serious dedication to planning.

Women Struggle with Financial Literacy

Firstly, low literacy rates dramatically impact the lives of women. Demanding they work harder, take more time to pay debts and, sometimes settle for earning less.

The U.S. Department of Education reports that 3.8 million American adult women possess literacy skills below a “basic” level. And the basic level refers to reading, writing and math skills at a third-grade level. Therefore, this lack of education makes it difficult to understand bank statements.

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women empowerment

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