Want to be a part of World’s biggest and the most iconic event?

As we know that The New Year’s Eve in Times Square is one of the world’s biggest and most iconic events. A lot of us want to be a part of it but due to long distance, it becomes hard/difficult. But with MetaFest 2022, you could be a part of this event/celebration – doesn’t matter where you live in the World.

MetaFest 2022

How I can join the Celebration or the Event?

Thanks to Decentraland, a digital environment based on blockchain. The virtual reality space will specifically open Today – Dec. 31. Once MetaFest 2022 starts, participants can enjoy rooftop lounges, immersive games, as well as watch the most popular New Year’s Eve ball drop in Decentraland. Click on this link to join.

MetaFest 2022 Details

According to Bloomberg’s, the New Year’s Eve part is included in the virtual events that would happen in Decentraland. 

Simon Koster, CEO DCG Real Estate said that he is one of the individuals that haven’t seen the New Year’s Eve ball drop in person. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons why they are making efforts to allow people across the globe to enjoy the upcoming New Year’s celebration. Even if they are staying in their houses.

Moments You Wont Want to Miss (ET – GMT-5)

23 Party kicks off
23:15 Avatar, country meet and greet
23:30 VIP lounges open
23:40 Special musical performance
00:00 Ball drop celebration – Avatar dance off
Worldwide trivia game
00:20 Avatar dance off

Decentraland consumers could use the digital environment to access various virtual places, according to the official website of MetaFest 2022.

Consumers can create an account, create their own avatars, and attend multiple events in this blockchain-based digital world, which is currently dubbed the “Virtual Social World.”

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