Robert Kiyosaki about his “Love” for Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki on Bitcoin Market
Bitcoin Market Crash of October

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Declares His ‘Love’ For Bitcoin. Robert Kiyosaki predicted the giant stock market crash that happened on October 16th, and now he says that even though he does not like the Federals or the Wall Street guys but he still “Loves” Bitcoin BTC. Robert Kiyosaki tweeted on Friday backing up the crypto-currency.

Addressing his Twitter followers that he looks forward to Bitcoin as the price hikes $60,000 mark. Tweeting , “Future very bright. Celebrate yet be cautious”, he added that he is waiting for a withdrawal before he invest further into crypto-currency.

This isn’t the first time Kiyosaki has sounded the alarm about a potential large-scale stock market crash. Earlier this year, he warned that “the biggest crash in history is coming” and recommended buying gold and Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki about market crash
Robert Kiyosaki

The Critics indicated claiming that Robert Kiyosaki called for an imminent crash in the market many times before, even traversing back to 2011. Just like he did at the end of September about the October market crash saying, “Giant stock market crash coming October. Why? Treasury and Fed short of T-bills.” 

Many Times Robert Kiyosaki has Tweeted around the Federal reserve and Treasury, prompting everyone toward the threat of U.S printing money constantly.

Last Month Robert Kiyosaki marked that beside Bitcoin, gold and silver, Ethereum ETH to be his most-preferred investment.

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