Jack of all Cryptos master of none – No Joke

Jack of all cryptos – It may sound funny but it isn’t. In this blog you’ll see, if you are a jack of all cryptos, how you are going to lose your money. Many crypto beginners jump from one coin/currency to other in a greed to get more in less time.

This happens, when you (actually a lot of people, because this is human psychology) look at your Binance app (or any other) and go to the gainers tab. You see a lot of coins are rising like a phoenix e.g. +600% (BRD/ETH right now) or +70% (GALA).

At this very instance of time, you realize – Oh I should have invested in BRD/ETH or GALA. And yes, you are right. You must have done that already. But it’s too late and too risky now.

Did you do your homework?

The thing is you never did you homework. If you’d have spent your time, been looking at the stats, understanding the candles.

No doubt, crypto investment is tricky and risky. Especially, if you are a short time gainer or investor with limited investment plan/budget. Therefore, in this case, always spend some time exploring the current stats of the coins. Read what expert says. And once you dive into a coin, let’s say SAND or MANA, don’t just withdraw and invest in another (ETH or BTC). There could be a dip but if you have your research and analysis, you must stay on your stance that SAND and MANA will rise. And this is what happened this month. SAND and MANA were showing good stats then they had a dip (SAND $4, MANA $3) and now they are rocking back again.

Now, without any research if you invested in these two coins (you saw they are rising), then withdrew your money during the dip. You are Jack who just lost a good trade. SAND is just doubled in price.

Learn from mistakes

A jack can be an expert. So, don’t feel hopeless. Just act smart. And for this, better do a lot of research. Get in touch with one of our crypto experts and plan your next crypto investment.

Friendly advice

At this point, I’d recommend you to invest in BTC right now. Doesn’t matter if you are a short term or long terms investor. You are going to get benefit in a short time span. Other than BTC, we’ve following recommendations for you:

Jack of all cryptos
Jack of all cryptos