Is Metaverse Virtual World really here?

Meta or formerly known company as Facebook has launched it’s first virtual world for people U.S and Canada. So is metaverse really available for everyone to enjoy the new era of virtual reality?

In near future, new world of technology of virtual reality that the metaverse is presenting will allow us to surf the internet through immersion and more depth. We won’t be using physical means to browse the internet or shop or socialize anymore. This is what Metaverse is all about.

Virtual World from META

Originally the virtual world of Facebook known as Facebook Horizon was launched back in 2019. This involved wearing an oculus VR headset and play games, socialize and create their own world in the free app.

Now the new virtual word known as Horizon Worlds is available to a select number of players as beta version. Meta has also announced a laser-tag game in this new world known as Arena Cash. For now there is nothing else to do in this free app than build places and play games.

So this really isn’t what the new generation virtual reality was said to be. And also this already can be done in games like Rec Room and Roblox etc. But Horizon World does outperform these platform in some things.

Advantages of META VR

For first thing this game is adult-only. Because Facebook’s users are mostly over 18 and probably 3% of users are under 18 so far. Second is the money Meta has to invest and further develop and improve the Horizon Worlds.

While it’s not the first metaverse company to offer money to those willing to put the time and effort into developing virtual world experiences, it has the deepest pockets —  Meta is worth about $900 billion compared to Roblox’s $38 billion and Rec Room’s $1.25 billion.

Future of Metaverse

The Metaverse is likely to happen very soon because Mark Zuckerberg is very committed for spending a lot of money to launch this among all.

Meta has announced a $10 million “creators fund” to encourage users to build new experiences for its virtual world.

Announced in October, also with the investment is said to be increased in coming years.

It may not seem that the current metaverse is not even close to what the dream was. But probably this can evolve quickly into the Zuckerberg’s metaverse because of the demand and money being invested.