How to buy bitcoins? Como Comprar Bitcoins?

Investing to buy a Bitcoin (Como Comprar) currency (BTC/USD) may appear complex, but it is a lot simpler when broken down into small steps. Investing or trading in Bitcoin requires simply an account with an exchange or a service, while additional secured storage procedures are suggested.

Select a cryptocurrency trading platform or service

The first step in buying bitcoins is to choose a digital currency trading platform or website. Popular trading services and platforms for purchasing bitcoins and other digital currencies include cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages, and payment services. Digital currency exchanges are the most practical answer since they offer a wide range of features and a bigger variety of cryptocurrencies for trade.

There are several kinds of digital currency exchanges. Because the Bitcoin philosophy is based on decentralization and individual autonomy, several exchanges permit customers to remain anonymous and do not need personal details. Such exchanges run freely and are often decentralized, which means they lack a centralized point of management.

It is critical to use safe Internet practices while opening a bitcoin exchange profile. Two authentications are required, as well as a lengthy, one-of-a-kind password with a combination of upper and lower case, special characters, and numerals.

Link your trade to a payment method

After you’ve decided to exchange (buy or sell) bitcoins, you’ll have to gather all of your private and personal information for verification. The procedure is fairly similar to that of creating a normal brokerage account.  The information you seek may be defined by your location and the rules that govern it.

After the exchange has confirmed your identification, you will be requested to link a payment method. Most exchanges make it possible to link your bank account directly using a debit or credit card. While you may buy cryptocurrency using a credit card, it is not a good strategy since cryptocurrency changes in the price could increase the overall cost of buying a coin.

Make an order to buy bitcoins

After your account has been credited, you may make your first order to purchase BTC currency (Como Comprar ). Depending on the service, you may be able to buy it by just clicking a button, or you may need to input Bitcoin Currency’s stock symbol (BTC). You will next be asked to enter the amount you plan to invest.

Choose a Secure Storage Method

The digital currency platform you use most likely provides an integrated Bitcoin Digital wallet or a trusted companion where you may safely store your Bitcoin. Some users, however, are unwilling to leave their virtual currency linked to the web, where it may be more easily hacked.

If you desire the best protection, you may deposit your Bitcoin in an online or offline Bitcoin wallet of your choice. However, please remember that if you withdraw digital currency from an exchange, you may be charged a minor withdrawal fee. Moreover, if you utilize a third-party digital wallet manager, you may be unable to get your coins forever if you misplace the private key that works as your wallet pin code or password.

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