Buy NFT using Mastercard

A new payment gateway to purchase NFT is on it’s way. Yes, Mastercard and Coinbase are collaborating to make it easy for the customers to buy NFTs using credit or debit cards. And as we know that Coinbase recently entered into NFT game, It has unveiled plans to develop a decentralized marketplace where users are able to mint, collect and trade NFTs.

We know that the process of NFT purchasing could be a bit complicated for the beginners or new joiners. This often requires users to open a crypto wallet, purchase crypto and then use to it purchase NFTs in an online marketplace.

Mastercard EVP for the digital asset and blockchain products and partnerships Raj Dhamodharan said, “We’re working to make NFTs more accessible because we believe tech should be inclusive. When more people are included in new technologies, it spurs innovation, helps economies grow, and expands choices for consumers.”

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buy nft using master card
buy nft using master card