Buy and Sell Virtual Land in Earth 2

It’s an era of technology, and the new technology is being built just that a person can be anything or anywhere in a world suited just for him. Such emerging technologies are already being used and enjoyed by people within an open world that is massive, magical and familiar.

EARTH 2 visualization
A visualization of EARTH 2

EARTH 2 is also a futuristic concept that is already in progress to becoming a fully functional virtual world. Till now the company has opened it’s first phase. To claim land, this involves the ability to claim buy, trade, bid land prices and more. This is done in real world geolocations on a sectioned map. This map corresponds to the user-generated digital virtual environment.

Phase one is now fully available for the players interested in ownership of digital assets and the property inside the metaverse of Earth. In order to form a proper economic simulation in EARTH 2 this phase is first to be deployed among players. so when the virtual terrain is available for the players, they will have all the materials they need to build their dream.

In near future the virtual world of EARTH 2 will be available to customization for the players. This is the phase three of the company for the players to fully enjoy the virtual aspect of EARTH 2.

Representation of tiles
Representation of tiles

EARTH 2 has sold more virtual land than any other project ever! With prices starting at $0.10 per block. Because EARTH 2 is geographically linked to the real world, the popular places on our physical Earth will attract more virtual interaction in EARTH 2. This invokes the players to engage in the EARTH 2 virtual trading also with the anticipation of interacting in real time.