Basic steps to buy land or other digital assets in Metaverse

A lot of investors are now shifting to metaverse stocks. Therefore, coins such as MANA or SAND have gain a considerable momentum. We also observed that people are now converting their coins (e.g. SHIBA, DOGE, BTC) to these metaverse currencies.

Metaverse land
Metaverse land

Story doesn’t end here. Apart from the metaverse currencies, you can now purchase metaverse stocks (e.g. lands or other digital assets). Several metaverse platforms have created marketplaces where you can buy or sell digital assets or other collectibles in the form of NFTs

Steps to purchase metaverse assets

  1. If you are interested in the real-estate sector, firstly, you have to choose a platform where you can buy the land. Top platforms are Decentraland and Sandbox. However, there are a lot others. Hence, we’d recommend you to do your homework/research on that before purchasing the property.
  2. Once you know your platform, create a digital/cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet will connect to a blockchain network and store cryptocurrency. It will be compatible with the associated blockchain that actually powers the metaverse platform.
  3. Buyer/you have to access the marketplace of your desired/chosen metaverse platform. Eventually, link it with the wallet you created in step 2. You can find the the Marketplaces on metaverse platform websites.
  4. This is the stage, where buying land from the virtual world looks like purchasing land in the physical world. Just like the physical world, you have to foresee the value of the land by considering it’s location or price.
  5. Once the land (that you want to purchase) is identified, you have to get the coins or the tokens into your wallet. Later, you can finally purchase the piece of land. Let’s understand it with an example. In order to buy land in the Sandbox, you have to get SAND tokens.
  6. Now that you’ve selected the land, connected your wallet, you just have to place a bid on the land or buy it outright. The cost of land will be removed from your wallet and NFT representing that specific land will be transferred to you.

In order to purchase other assets like clothes, vehicles or numerous avatar accessories, you simply have to follow the above steps.

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