All you need to know about IOTX Coin

IoTeX is a platform that aims to connect IoT devices (such as cameras and sensors) and decentralized applications. It can be used to pay for transactions, for staking and governance, and to register new devices on the IoTeX network. In this article, we’ll explore IOTX coin and it’s price prediction.


This coin is now among top 100 cryptocurrencies and currently on the surge and has surpassed 1b in market cap. The coin was trading at USD 0.165 on major crypto exchanges few days back. Today on Binance, it is trading at 0.1898.


IoTeX recently partnered with Travelcom to enable native $IOTX payments.

Price prediction

The coin has not yet exploded. But it is positive for all investors. According to investors, IOTX, owing to its constant development could set new highs in the coming days but reaching the USD 1 mark doesn’t seem possible in the next two to three years.

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